Third Ministerial Conference of the Paris Pact Partners on

Tomur Bayer 16.02.2012

Third Ministerial Conference of the Paris Pact Partners on
Combating Illicit Traffic in Opiates Originating in Afghanistan
(Vienna / 16 February 2012)

Thank you Mr. Chairman,

At the outset, I would like to express our gratitude to the Austrian authorities for hosting the Third Ministerial Conference of the Paris Pact.

The aims and purposes for our gathering here today are indeed well known. We are ready to reaffirm our commitments towards the fight against illicit traffic in opiates and as Paris Pact Partners, to strengthen cooperation among ourselves.

We all know that despite continued efforts by the UNODC and the international community through different channels and processes, the problem of illicit traffic in opiates continues to be of serious concern. It is a growing problem, causing illicit financial flows, provoking corruption, organized crime and also funding terrorism.

Today we no longer dispute the fact that this serious contemporary problem is global, transnational and trans-boundary. Nor do we argue that, although each state might be affected in different ways and levels by this threat, none of us can properly address and eliminate it by individual and isolated approaches.

We need to work in close cooperation and develop necessary ways and means to assist Afghanistan in this demanding endeavor. We need to realize that the Government of Afghanistan is doing its utmost to tackle this problem, however Afghanistan is in need of our continued support through international efforts, regional involvements and commitments, bilateral assistance all of which should be complementary and add to each other’s success.

This has been the rationale behind the long-term efforts of the international community, the UNODC and the Paris Pact. The difficulties, tensions and challenges that face nations are not exclusive to them as individual states. Drug abuse and illicit drug trafficking, terrorism, money laundering and associated crimes, the eradication of poverty and the pollution of the environment are all issues that have a local dimension but also, and increasingly, international aspects.

In order to be successful in dealing with these far-reaching and inter-related problems, measures should be adopted on a global scale and pursued in an integrated approach. An open, frank and fruitful cooperation is the only way in which we shall succeed in controlling these threats that cause so much harm, especially to the younger members of our societies. We are confident that the Vienna Declaration, along with the other instruments and processes as the İstanbul Process on Regional Security and Cooperation for a Secure and Stable Afghanistan, are timely and important steps, and are actually concrete answers to the challenges we are faced with.

Thinking along these lines, Turkey has been supportive of the Paris Pact Initiative from the very beginning.

I would like to express my country’s willingness and commitment to continue her full support to this Initiative.

We believe that much has been done and achieved through the Paris Pact. However, our responsibility continues and there is still room for further development of the operational aspect of the Paris Pact. We see this Initiative as a provider of common ground among its partners, which would also serve as a partnership project to upgrade law enforcement cooperation to the highest level possible in a very difficult region. Intensified operational cooperation among law enforcement authorities, particularly at the regional level, is essential for success. This, in our view, is yet to be achieved and should therefore be one of the priorities of our future work.

We also see a need for more efficient control of precursor substances in order to prevent their diversion to illicit opiates manufacturing. Paris Pact partners should share the responsibility and enhance cooperation through both new and existing mechanisms to this end.

We remain convinced that when governments display the necessary commitment, as they have pledged to do now under Vienna Declaration, positive results would follow.

Thank you.

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