Turkish Statement to be delivered at the IAEA Board of Governors on the

Tomur BAYER 06.03.2013
March 2013

Turkish Statement to be delivered at the IAEA Board of Governors on the
implementation of the NPT Safeguards Agreement and relevant provisions of Security Council resolutions in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Thank you Mr Chairperson,

Turkey acknowledges the right of all NPT State parties to the peaceful use of nuclear energy, in compliance with their Treaty obligations,- and under the best safety, security and nonproliferation conditions.

The international safeguards system of the IAEA, based on assessments of the correctness and completeness of a State’s declared nuclear material and nuclear-related activities, forms an essential part of the global nuclear non-proliferation regime.

Turkey attaches great importance to the effectiveness of the Agency’s safeguards system and appreciates the professionalism displayed by the Secretariat in pursuing verification activities under its mandate.

In this context, we note with satisfaction that the Agency continues to verify the nondiversion
of the declared nuclear material in Iran. Yet, the Agency is still unable to provide credible assurance about the absence of undeclared nuclear material and activities in the country. We note that, despite many rounds of talks between Iran and the Agency, it has not been possible to agree on a structured approach and no progress has been achieved on the clarification of outstanding issues.

It is essential that these issues be addressed in a constructive and transparent way and be brought to a positive conclusion, restoring confidence in the exclusively peaceful nature of the Iranian nuclear program, without further delay.

Mr Chairperson,

Turkey remains fully committed to a diplomatic solution, through peaceful means and dialogue, to issues relating to the Iranian nuclear file.

Only through a gradual process, including exploratory talks on a set of parallel actions aimed at overcoming the present impasse, will it be possible to arrive at a mutually satisfactory settlement of the outstanding issues.

As always, Turkey stands ready to contribute to all constructive efforts that would ease the way for dialogue and cooperation.

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