14th Session of the General Conference of UNIDO

Tomur Bayer 29.11.2011

Madame President,

Excellencies, Distinguished Delegates,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

At the outset, I would like to join other speakers in congratulating you Madame President, on your election as the President of the General Conference. We are convinced that under your able leadership the Conference will come to a successful conclusion. I assure you of my delegation’s full support.

Let me also take this opportunity to express my sincere congratulations to Dr. Yumkella, Director General of UNIDO for his efforts in improving UNIDO itself and its projects. Turkey will keep on extending every possible support to the Director General in his efforts.

I would like to briefly underline certain points which have special importance for Turkey.

Madame President,

Sustainable industrial development remains to be the most important goal that the entire world should achieve. To this end, as the global financial and economic crisis proved, advisory and technical cooperation activities of UNIDO are of great importance. We believe that UNIDO will continue to play its useful role whenever such circumstances occur.

Achieving sustainable development requires a comprehensive approach which has to deal with environment and energy related issues. There is no possibility to think of industrialization without its environmental effects and the overarching energy dimension. With this framework, we are pleased to have as the main theme of the 14th General Conference the New Industrial Revolution: Making it sustainable which includes environmental, economic and social dimensions of sustainable industrial development.

Turkey will continue its active support to UNIDO in order to achieve the goals set by this Organization towards sustainable development throughout the world, especially for the developing and least developed countries.

Madame President,

In this context, I would also like to touch briefly upon the Fourth United Nations Conference on Least Developed Countries (LDC IV) which was held from 9-13th of May 2011 in Istanbul/Turkey. As the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey emphasized on his closing statement, the Conference constituted a significant step forward in addressing the problems confronted by the LDCs.

Turkey has committed itself not only to host the Conference but also to contribute to its substance by taking active part in the preparatory process and in the negotiations of drafting the necessary documents. One of these documents was the Istanbul Program of Action which is a detailed document that aims to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. In this framework, Turkey is also ready to do its part and aiming this, Turkey will be making available a total of 200 million USD annually to LDCs, starting from 2012. That amount will be used for technical cooperation projects and programs.

On the other hand, Turkey is ready to host an “International Science, Technology and Innovation Center” and an “International Agriculture Center” dedicated to the LDCs. Beyond hosting these two Centers, Turkey is also ready to provide any additional support in terms of financing and human resources.

Madame President,

Concerning the relations between Turkey and UNIDO, I am glad to express that there have been numerous positive developments.

The UNIDO-International Center for Hydrogen Energy Technologies (ICHET) established in 2004 in Istanbul, is one of the most important dimensions of our cooperation with UNIDO.  Its mission is to demonstrate viable applications of hydrogen energy technologies and facilitating their use in developing countries, through pilot projects, applied research, training and education programs and advisory services. ICHET aims to be an instrument of transferring hydrogen technologies available in the world, to the developing countries. As is well known, hydrogen is an alternative fuel which is renewable, abundant, efficient and without emissions.

2010 has been a year in which ICHET has developed a number of projects: The design of the project to develop and produce 15 hydrogen powered three-wheelers has been completed by April 2010 and been delivered to the Commonwealth Games which was held in New Delhi.

Another project is on Bozcaada Island in Turkey: An experimental renewable-hydrogen energy installation implemented by UNIDO-ICHET was inaugurated on 7 October 2011 on the Aegean island of Bozcaada.It is the first project of its kind in Turkey. It is supported by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey. The Bozcaada Hydrogen Island project is a facility aimed at studying how hydrogen and renewable energies can be integrated in standalone applications for the powering of island communities.

ICHET, being budget wise one of the biggest projects of UNIDO, is funded by Turkey through a trust fund agreement up to 40 million USD.

ICHET has still a long way to go to be a successful international center on hydrogen technologies for the benefit of developing countries. For that reason, we are in the process of evaluating, in cooperation with UNIDO, future course of action to achieve this target. We are particularly thankful to Director General Yumkella for his strong interest in and support of ICHET.  In this context, I encourage all interested partners to extend their support to this significant UNIDO project which serves well to the aim of establishing green industries.

Madame President,

Turkey will continue to offer its contributions through all means at its disposal to UNIDO’s activities in various parts of the world.  A remarkable development in this regard is the Cooperation Agreement between Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA) and UNIDO that was signed during the visit of Director General Yumkella to Turkey in June 2008. We believe that the agreement will help UNIDO utilise TIKA’s vast experience in performing various technical assistance projects in Central Asia, the Caucasus and Africa. The Agreement underlines Turkey’s location as a hub for the technical cooperation projects directed to those regions. We are also confident that UNIDO Center for Regional Cooperation in Ankara, will actively serve this purpose.

In terms of technical cooperation between UNIDO and Turkey, it is possible to mention nano-technology, agro-industry, textile/leather industries and issues related to energy and environment. In this context, many technical projects, seminars and also vocational projects were held in recent years, directed especially to countries of Central Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa. In this framework, we are also pleased to assist UNIDO in extending training programmes towards above-mentioned regions and we would like to continue and expand these exercises.

On the other hand, Turkey is one of emerging donors in UNIDO and we are also happy to be among the donors of UNIDO’s “Programme for Investment Promotion in Africa” and “Training Kit on Clusters and Network Development in the Latin American and Caribbean Region”.

We are ready to enhance our bilateral relationship with UNIDO and our partnership on the upcoming years.

Madame President,

UNIDO is the leading UN agency in promoting the industrial development in the world. The continuous increase in UNIDO’s technical cooperation activities illustrates the growing demand towards UNIDO’s services. UNIDO’s activities result in real and positive changes in people’s daily lives through projects on poverty reduction, trade capacity building, energy and environment.  Given the challenges that our world faces, UNIDO’s mandate will remain relevant for the foreseeable future.

In this framework, we support the “Programme for Change and Organizational Renewal (PCOR)” process. The process is an opportunity to reform UNIDO to be even more effective. With this process, UNIDO will have a consolidated structure and will act with a better capacity for its activities. We believe that all of us should make an effort in rendering our support to this Organization.

Thank you for your kind attention.

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