Least Developed Countries Ministerial Conference (24-25 November 2011) Statement Delivered by Turkey

Melih Bora Kerimoğlu 24.11.2011


(24-25 NOVEMBER 2011)



Distinguished delegates,

At the outset let me reiterate Turkey’s continuous support for the activities of UNIDO in general. We attach utmost importance to the crucial role UNIDO plays in the sustainable development of countries. In this context, I would like to briefly state our views concerning the Fourth United Nations Conference on Least Developed Countries (LDC IV) which was held from 9-13th of May 2011 in Istanbul/Turkey. As the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey emphasized on his closing statement, the Conference constituted a significant step forward in addressing the problems confronted by the LDCs.

Turkey has committed itself not only to host the Conference but also to contribute to its substance by taking active part in the preparatory process and in the negotiations of drafting the necessary documents. One of these documents was the İstanbul Programme of Action which is a detailed document that aims to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. In this framework, Turkey is also ready to do its part to help developing technical cooperation projects and programs.

On the other hand, Turkey is ready to host an “International Science, Technology and Innovation Center” and an “International Agriculture Center” dedicated to the LDCs. Beyond hosting these two Centers, Turkey is also ready to provide any additional support in terms of financing and human resources.

We are pleased to note that İstanbul Programme of Action has been cited in detail in the website of UNIDO and has already become a directing guide for the following decade between 2011-2020. I would like to underline that UNIDO has organized a side event during the Conference and substantially contributed to its success. DG Yumkella’s participation highlighted the importance UNIDO attaches to the LDCs.

On the other hand, the Turkish Cooperation and Development Agency, namely TIKA is Turkey’s sole government organization operating in the field of development and cooperation.

TIKA has opened new offices in Africa, among others in Ethiopia, Sudan and Senegal, and in the upcoming months, our new offices in Somalia and Kenya will start to operate in order to combat with poverty. Turkey is highly enthusiastic and very eager to cooperate with the African countries through TIKA and other means. This cooperation will also not ignore the cooperation opportunities and possibilities with other international donor organizations.

TIKA’s strategy towards Africa for instance is based on the understanding that, in a globalized world, we cannot live without paying attention to the needs and problems of other countries. Keeping this in mind, we are going through a restructuring period and we are planning to open TIKA offices in Latin America and Pacific region as well.

Turkey is ready to continue to make contributions for the implementation of İstanbul Programme of Action. We are also ready to support the proposals made this morning by the Deputy Director General of UNIDO, concerning the vocational training programme for the LDCs.

Our solidarity with the LDCs is not limited with hosting the last Conference but will continue through the coming years by financial, technical, technological and other contributions as deemed necessary by the LDCs. In this we trust in the support of UNIDO.

Thank you distinguished delegates.

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